Activist Opens New Social Impact Center in Boston

The newly renovated 4,000-square-foot facility officially opened on Monday

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An organization aimed at reducing violence in Boston opened a new Social Impact Center in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood over the holiday weekend.

Violence in Boston's new Social Impact Center was established to help prevent and reduce the impact of violence by addressing immediate and basic needs like housing, food, clothing and public safety.

"Today, after 10 years, we celebrate the opening of the Violence in Boston Social Impact Center," activist and founder Monica Cannon-Grant said Monday. "They made it a hashtag, I made it a movement. For a young Black woman who grew up on Franklin Avenue who spent 16 years in Roxbury, raised six kids -- three of whom are in college -- I'm still in shock that I'm here."

The newly renovated 4,000-square-foot facility officially opened on Monday. It includes offices, conference rooms, a podcasting and studio space, healing and mental health space and a food pantry. It will also provide pro bono legal assistance.

Cannon-Grant said the center will eventually have 10 staff members, with additional volunteer support.

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