Ashland Teen Who Missed Super Bowl Gets Flight Home, Call From Tom Brady

An ailing Massachusetts teenager who missed the Super Bowl after traveling to Atlanta is finally home Tuesday.

"Today he is home and is delightful and is eating me out of house and home and is in much better spirits. It didn't hurt that Tom Brady left him a voice message this morning," said Jack Silver's mother Melissa Duca.

Silver, an 18-year-old from Ashland, is battling a rare form of cancer. He put together a bucket list, and the community has rallied around him to make sure he accomplishes every wish.

Going to the Super Bowl was, perhaps, the biggest item on that list. Silver and his mother arrived in Atlanta Friday. They were on a train from Boston for about 24 hours. But Sunday, he was hospitalized in intensive care and he did not make it to the game.

The following day, Duca said Silver just wanted to go home, but could not travel by train again due to his condition.

Tuesday, Silver, his mother, and his sister boarded a medical flight. They got home around 8 p.m.

"He is already sitting on the couch watching basketball and I think we stepped through the door 3 minutes ago," Duca wrote in the Team Jake Facebook group. "Thank you everybody for all your prayers and well wishes, they really mean a lot and we could feel the love of everybody all the way down in Atlanta."

According to Duca, the family gave its Super Bowl tickets "to the wonderful ER nurses who took care of him all day with the stipulation that they had to cheer for the Patriots!"

Silver and his family watched the game together from the hospital.

Duca said now that the family was home, they plan on taking a trip to Old Orchard Beach in Maine to see the ocean to cross another thing off Silver's list.

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