How to Order Like a Local at Sullivan's in Southie

No summer in South Boston is complete without a visit to Sullivan’s at Castle Island (or Sully’s according to the locals.)

Since opening in 1951, Sully’s has been a Southie landmark known for serving tasty, affordable food lightning fast to the long lines of people who can’t get enough. Summer hasn’t started until you grab a hot dog, lobster roll or fish sandwich from Sully’s.

Maureen and Heather from Caught in Southie have been dining at Sullivan’s for years and have picked up a thing or two along the way. Sully’s fans, both new and old, should know about line etiquette, menu codewords and how to do the “Sully’s Shuffle.”

What to Eat When You Visit Sullivan's at Castle Island

Watch the special feature-video above to learn how to order at Sully’s like an insider, and find out the number one sin that you should definitely avoid when visiting.

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