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Ana Walshe Once Told Police Brian Walshe Threatened to Kill Her, Report Shows

Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old mother from Cohasset, Massachusetts, has not been seen since Jan. 1 . Her husband Brian Walshe has been charged with misleading authorities investigating her disappearance

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As the investigation into the disappearance of missing Cohasett woman Ana Walshe continues, a report from police in Washington, D.C. shows that she once told authorities that her husband threatened to kill her.

Ana Walshe has not been seen since Jan. 1. Her husband Brian Walshe has been charged with misleading the authorities investigating her disappearance.

The 2014 report obtained by NBC10 Boston states that Ana Walshe reported that Brian "made a statement over the telephone that he was going to kill her and her friends." This was before the couple was married.

D.C. police said the case is closed and there's nothing more. But now the case of her disappearance is front page news in Boston and in Serbia.

"It's been really busy everyone is talking about the Ana Walshe case," Ana Petrovic, who works for the Serbian news outlet Espreso, told NBC10 Boston. They've been in touch with Ana Walshe's friends and family who still live in the country, including her mother.

"She doesn’t know what happened. That Ana called her to come to the states, and that she thinks her son-in-law really loves Ana," Petrovic said.

"She doesn’t believe that Brian is guilty but we will see we are all waiting for information from USA," she added.

Police have been collecting surveillance video from several places Brian Walshe visited after his wife's disappearance, including by a dumpster at a liquor store in Swampscott.

"They're trying to figure out what exactly happened and where that evidence might have gone," forensic criminology expert Dr. Ann Marie Mires said.

Mires used to work at the medical examiner's office and now teaches forensic criminology at Anna Maria College. She said authorities will fast-track everything they have through the lab, including a backsaw and bloody knife.

But some of the details could make the investigation difficult.

"There's been indication that there may have been a dismembering of the body and then disposal in those various locations," Mires said.

"It echoes many cases I've been involved in where police were never able to find human remains," she added.

There was no significant update from authorities in Massachusetts Thursday, who said they are still processing the evidence.

Ana Walshe has not been seen since Jan. 1. The couple's three boys are in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Anyone with information on Ana Walshe's whereabouts is urged to contact detectives at 781-830-4990.

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