Another Storm Approaches; How Much Snow Could We Get?

Although our mid-week storm continues to pull away, we’re still stuck under the influence of its circulation. That means rounds of snow showers and squalls will continue to work through New England on Friday afternoon and evening.

Even though these are quick to move through, they can produce a quick dusting and drop visibility.

Most of the activity will fizzle after dark, except for in the mountains and in Northern Maine. There, the snow will last into Saturday, adding to already impressive snowfall totals from Wednesday night.

Between Friday and Saturday, many mountains in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine will pick up an additional 3 to 6 inches, with some spots like the southern Green Mountains getting closer to a foot.

In the lower elevations, expect weekend temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Saturday will be mostly cloudy, with more sun expected by Sunday. That may actually boost some temperatures close to 50 by the second half of the weekend.

The other thing to take note of is the wind. That will be gusty on Saturday, sustained 10 to 20 mph with higher gusts. Power restoration may be slowed a bit as a result.

Early next week, our next storm approaches. The storm center will likely pass south and east of Nantucket Monday into Tuesday, but the storm is also likely to tap into a separate batch of energy over the Great Lakes. That connection between the systems will produce rain and snow showers around New England.

Just how much snow falls depends on the exact interaction and the storm’s path.

Quieter weather should take hold again by the middle and end of next week.

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