Arlington Police: 29 Break-ins Since End of August

Arlington, Massachusetts police are warning residents about an increase in home break-ins.

They say there have been 29 break-ins since August 31, including five that occurred on Friday, Dec. 8.

Jewlery, electronics and cash have been targeted in most of the cases.

Many of the crimes have reportedly taken place between dusk and 10 p.m., and at least one suspect spotted by a resident was seen carring a backpack, which is not uncommon in burglaries. 

Police say suspects have gained access to homes through both locked and unlocked windows and doors. 

"Arlington is a safe and vibrant community, but we are not immune to crime, nor are we invisible to those seeking a quick profit by breaking into a home or taking a package from someone’s doorstep,” Chief Frederick Ryan said. “That said, we are asking residents to immediately report suspicious activity to the APD.”

Officers remind Arlington residents to lock their windows and doors, leave a light on when away from home, and do not leave a spare key outside.

They also suggest keeping vehicles locked, setting an alarm system if you have one, hiding valuables, and leaving curtains partially open. 

Anyone with information is urged to call the Arlington police department at 781-643-1212.

The department's criminal investigation bureau is actively investigating all incidents. 

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