Boston and Los Angeles Make Wagers for World Series

Today is the day baseball fans: Game 1 of the World Series and the Boston Red Sox take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at Fenway Park. Both cities are getting into the spirit by exchanging wagers.

Los Angeles fire department fire chief Ralph M. Terrazas wagered that if the Red Sox win, the Los Angeles fire department will send t-shirts and Pink’s Hot Dog’s over to the East Coast.

Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn posted to Twitter that "chowdah and BFD" shirts are heading to the Los Angeles Fire Department. "Maybe."

It’s not only public safety officials that are getting in on the fun. Theme parks are also taking bets. Six Flags New England and it’s sister park Six Flags Magic Mountain, located near Los Angeles, root for their teams and go head-to-head for ride names.

If the Red Sox win their ninth World Series Championship, Six Flags Magic Mountain will rename The New Revolution to The Red Sox Revolution during for Holiday in the Park opening weekend and will fly a Red Sox flag at the main gate. The park’s president Neal Thurman will don a Red Sox jersey for opening night.

However, if the Dodgers win the World Series, Six Flags New England will change the name of the Thunderbolt coaster to Dodgers Thunderbolt and fly a Dodgers flag at the top of Scream Tower. The theme park’s president Pete Carmichael will wear a Dodgers jersey for opening night of Holiday in the Park.

NBC10 Boston also made a wager with it's sister station NBC Los Angeles. If the Red Sox win, NBC Los Angeles will send French dipped sandwiches from L.A. staple Philippe’s, but if the Red Sox lose, New England lobster rolls will make their way over to the City of Angels. Our morning reporter Christa Delcamp joked that if the Red Sox win the Worlds Series, the Dodgers "get our weather," as she showed off her winter boots.

Who's ready for the Red Sox-Dodgers World Series match-up? NBC10 Boston and NBC Los Angeles have a wager.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh addressed in a press conference this morning that he will not participate in wager against Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti due to superstition.

"I stopped betting after the first three bets when I became mayor," said Walsh. "The Patriots, the Bruins and BC lost, so I said I’m going to stop. Then, the very next sports event up was the New England Patriots and Seattle and you know what happens there. I am all done betting."

More politicians are placing bets on their beloved sports teams. U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris made an exchange with Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey. If the Red Sox win, the California senators will send over Dodger Dogs and L.A.’s famous guacamole. However if the Red Sox lose, the Massachusetts senators will send more New England clam chowder over to the West coast.

The Red Sox and the Dodgers meet in the World Series for the first time in 102 years. Boston hosts Games 1 and 2. The opening pitch is at 8:09 p.m., with the game airing on Fox.

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