Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley Reflects on Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

The head of the Catholic Church in Boston was devastated like so many others over the images of a fire destroying Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The inferno destroyed the cathedral's spire and its roof, but its twin bell towers survived. French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild the centuries-old landmark.

"I'm glad that they were able to save as much as they were, because I thought they would lose the entire structure," Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley said.

"The night of was quite somber. There were several crowds singing. Just people gathering to watch, pretty shocked all around," said Mackenzie Bogiages, who returned to Logan International Airport in Boston Tuesday.

O'Malley noted after Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross that Notre Dame was home to important Catholic relics.

"The crown of thorns that was used in the Lord's Passion was taken there by St. Lewis, the king of France," O'Malley said.

The spectacular blaze at Notre Dame comes as the Archdiocese of Boston celebrates the completion of a $30 million renovation at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. The work has given new life to the church, built by working-class immigrants, as well as new electrical and fire suppression systems aimed at preventing tragic events like the one at Notre Dame.

"It's a joyful occasion, even though we really do feel solidarity with the people of Notre Dame in Paris," said Monsignor Kevin O'Leary, rector at the Boston cathedral.

"It's just an amazing place," O'Malley said of the historic cathedral. "I'm hoping that it can be restored, but I can only imagine the distress of the French people."

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