Boston Decoded

Boston, Massachusetts, is a small city packed with compelling stories, secrets and mysteries that are just begging to be uncovered. Rob Michaelson takes you through some of the most interesting bits of Boston and beyond with solid journalism (and dad jokes.) It's a good time.

From hidden secrets in the MBTA to weird laws that still exist in Massachusetts, there is a lot to uncover with Boston Decoded. This series explores every nook and cranny of Beantown from Cambridge to Dorchester. Every corner of Boston has a story waiting to be told.

Just walk around Boston and you will come across so many questions that beg to be answered. Why are there trophies under the Longfellow Bridge? What is the deal with Fenway's Green Monster? Does the Boston accent really exist or is it a figment of our imagination?

Rob is champing at the bit to answer all those questions about Boston and the surrounding area that will shed some light for local townies and outsiders alike. Hopefully you learn something new about Boston and learn to love what makes it special (and get through the horrible traffic.)

Oh hey, you're still scrolling down the page? Well this is awkward. I guess we can just talk about life and our place in it. Who are we? What are we? Well that is enough of that for now. If you have any story ideas for Boston Decoded, please send them to

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