Boston Enjoys Economic Boom From Marathon

While thousands of runners are descending on the city to run in the Boston Marathon, thousands more are spending time and big money around town.

“I’m very excited. It’s my first Boston.”

Traveling from Nova Scotia, Kara MacKinnon picks up her bib with her mom and boyfriend. While she’s running on Monday, her family will be spending money all weekend.

“We’re going to a Red Sox game,” Kara MacKinnon said.

They’re joining thousands of marathoners getting ready for Monday and spending money while throughout their stay.

“Well her dad is spending the money,” Brenda MacKinnon said.

Seems like parents don’t mind dishing out the cash to support their kid. The Boston Athletic Association expects 200 million dollars will be spent around the marathon.

Julian Davis traveled from Chicago with his mom and aunt and it’s his first Boston Marathon, as well.

“It’s one of the most historic marathons I think of like all time. Just so many amazing people come out for it,” Davis said.

He plans on checking out the Freedom Trail and the harbor walk. His mom is ready for the New England food scene.

She deserves it after spending over a thousand dollars to make Julian’s Boston marathon dreams come true.

“He’s worked really hard he’s training hard and I’m really proud of him,” Davis' mother said.

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