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Boston Police Detectives Recover Dozens of Stolen Bikes

The Boston Police Department is asking bicycle theft victims to contact them if they did not report their bikes stolen in the City of Boston and can prove ownership.

Boston Police Department

Boston police detectives have recovered dozens of stolen bikes as part of a large-scale theft investigation, and they're encouraging bicycle theft victims to contact them.

Detectives investigating a number of thefts in and around the Allston-Brighton area made the discovery, the police department said in a community alert posted to their website Monday night.

Investigators say it appears as though these bikes were not reported stolen in the City of Boston, so they have been unable to identify the property owners.

The bicycles should be easily identifiable to the rightful owner, police say, because many of them have identifying serial numbers, aftermarket accessories and customizations.

If you are the victim of a bicycle theft which has not been reported to the Boston Police Department and can prove ownership, detectives ask you to contact them at 617-343-4256.

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