Briefly Heavy Downpours, Thunder in Some Areas

A one-two combination of a warm front and a cold front brings thickening clouds to New England early Tuesday morning, with showers, downpours and thunder arriving mid-day in the afternoon.

Sunshine in Maine will fade with rain arriving toward dinner time. Humidity is noticeably higher, and the temperature is noticeably cooler.

High temperature close to 70 degrees with the dewpoint well into the 60s. There’s a possibility for strong to damaging thunderstorms pretty close to the south coast. Oherwise, it should just be briefly heavy downpours with any thunder.

Wind generally from the east will gust 10 to 15 mph.

We have a wave low-pressure developing on the front over southern New England Tuesday and will linger until night with clouds and showers hanging on in eastern sections of New England.

Weak high-pressure brings in sunshine for much of the day Wednesday. We may have to burn off a layer of clouds first and showers will end in Maine. Then later in the day, more clouds will come into western New England. But it will be a mostly dry day with a high temperature back to 80 degrees a little less humidity.

The weak trough of low pressure brings a shower thunderstorm Wednesday night. After that, high pressure builds to our south pushing warm to hot weather our way Thursday and Friday. With moderate humidity high temperature will get to 85 to 90 degrees away from the shore.

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The next front comes in later Friday and may linger this weekend. It means we have the possibility of showers and thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday. But it is too early to cancel the plans, as the timing and placement of the front may change.

Our First Alert 10-Day Forecast now goes out to Independence Day, where it looks like a classic summer patterns temperatures close to 80 degrees.

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