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Building Heat With Threat for Thunderstorms

The biggest question on everyone's mind, which weekend is the July Fourth weekend? We could call it a long 9-day weekend starting now, or we could defer to the government which is calling it next weekend.

Either way, the story does not look too different, just about every day we are hot with a threat for thunderstorms.

The challenge to weather forecasters is trying to time and place each thunderstorm, and decide who gets how hot.

Another issue is patchy fog that develops, especially near the shore each night, and slowly burns off each morning, impacting beach weather.

We have a few thunderstorms at the Canadian early Saturday, then a mixture of sun and clouds with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, mostly in the mountains of northern New England. The temperature heats into the 90s for much of the region. The exception is along south facing shore with wind from the south or southeast at 10 to 15 mph, keeping us cooler, with a threat for lingering fog

On the big picture map, heat is centered over the Midwest into the middle Atlantic states, each afternoon we see thunderstorms pop on the northern edge of the heat, and then traverse across New England each afternoon and overnight. When the storms do hit they can come with gusty downpours, perhaps some damaging wind and localized flash flooding.

The greatest threat is from Burlington, Vermont to Bangor, Maine.

Sunday features a front that may make it all the way into southern New England, with a threat for showers and thunderstorms just about anywhere. Temperatures will be once again well into the 90s in western New England, but may cool dramatically into the 80s or even 70s in eastern sections as the wind comes in from the east and northeast.

That front should lift back to the north on Monday and stay north through Independence Day July 4, with most of New England experiencing hot and humid weather, with just a slight chance of thunderstorms right through the fireworks on Wednesday night.

For inland New England this weather could evolve into a 5- to 7-day heat wave.

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