Cold On Hold

Highs in the 50s? Again?

This isn't a thaw anymore. It's a spring preview. And it's about to come to an end.

Not a crashing end, mind you. Highs will still be above normal through the weekend, but by the time Monday rolls around, we should dip into a colder pattern overall.

This new pattern is one that will be conducive to storms, but not necessarily right away. I'm watching for one to pop up in the 7-10 day period, but for now, there's nothing to get the ball rolling. My super-long range outlook shows that the weather pattern will possibly hold until Valentine's Day (with a couple of minor mild interruptions). If that's the case, then we're destined for at least one storm. You can't really keep that much cold around and not do something with it.

Of course, I'm just going by experience. Time will tell.

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