Digital Billboard That Upset Neighbors May Be Turned Back on

After months in the dark, a controversial electronic billboard will be turned back on in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Since August, the billboard along Route 3 has been voluntarily turned off by its owner, Cove Outdoor, as the company negotiates with the town and neighbors on the best course of action.

Shortly after it was first illuminated in April, the problem was discovered.

"They jokingly said it looked like a drive-in movie theater," said Amy Kabilian.

Kabilian lives across the highway and said when lit, the two-sided billboard bounces light into her home.

"It will just hit this wall over here and just change and change," said Kabilian.

Cove Outdoor has a permit to build another two-sided billboard on the property next door to the original.

The project was halted after complaints were first made.

At first, the billboard was turned off only at night. It then escalated to being shut off entirely by Cove Outdoor.

In a phone interview, Ed O'Sullivan, Cove Outdoor's owner, estimated they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales by keeping the billboard off.

Possible solutions have been offered.

One includes O'Sullivan losing a panel in exchange for a multi-million dollar payout by the town.

In another, O'Sullian would continue with the original plan for two billboards, but use "sight line technology" to minimize light for neighbors.

The technology is already being used in other parts of the country.

Peter McClary, a consultant for Cove Outdoor, said the billboard will be turned back on Thursday morning as they continue to negotiate with the town and its residents.

McClary said they need to prepare the billboard for sales to made.

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