Dispute Leads Homeowner to Write Message Facing Pizza Shop

A homeowner on Boston Road in Billerica, Massachusetts, is only feet away from Sal's Pizza. If you ask the Lynches, they'd tell you their relationship is anything but neighborly after a recent disagreement.

Now, the word "D-----bag" is painted on the Lynches' barn facing the parking lot of Sal's Pizza for all the customers to see.

The Lynches said the whole thing happened over a fence. They said Sal's used to be further back, and the fence higher up, closer to their parking lot, which blocked the view of customers from seeing into their home. However, now the building has moved further toward the street, and the fence lower and closer to their property.

Sal's contends that they worked with the Lynches' on the design and height of the fence, and at one point, the Lynches gave it the OK.

The Lynches don't see it that way. They say beside the fence, they would work on construction at early hours in the morning, having no regard for the family's sleep schedule. So they painted "D-----bag on their own barn, facing Sal's. They said it's not directed toward the actual employees or the pizza parlor, but more toward the man who ordered the construction.

"I think it's kind of offensive, honestly," said Will Moore, a resident of Billerica. "But it's a tough call, because it is his property."

But others feel uncomfortable looking at the word while getting a bite to eat.

"I would definitely not want to be there with my mother, she would definitely not like that," said Eileen, another Billerica resident.

Sal's said they are making light of it for now, noting that at least it's spelled correctly. They said although customers have complained, they have not lost any business over it.

The homeowners would just like the pizza place to raise the fence to the height it was previously was.

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