More Downpours and Humidity

As of Monday afternoon, another 36 to 48 hours of downpours were expected before a quick break.

The ground is saturated and any additional rain will have a difficult time being absorbed. Flash flooding is possible with any slow-moving downpours.

It is difficult to pinpoint where the downpours will take place and how much rain will fall.

Temperatures will warm up once again. Highs will once again reach the 80s, and coupled with the high humidity, it will feel more like the mid 90s. It appears we will stay warm and humid for the remainder of the 10-day forecast period.

The heaviest, steadiest rain will lift into northern New England by Wednesday. Thursday looks to be dry and a pretty nice beach day. Showers and thunderstorms are again possible by Friday and possibly into Saturday.

We're a bit more optimistic for the weekend forecast. Unfortunately, heavy downpours are possible at some point this weekend, but there should be plenty of sunshine and dry time mixed in.

Early next week, we might return to this pattern of downpours, thunderstorms, warmth and humidity.

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