Dunkin' Sues Owner of East Boston Store After Video Surfaces Showing Scurrying Rodents

A Dunkin’ shop in Maverick Square in East Boston temporarily closed down last week after a video of mice running around the shop went viral, and Dunkin’ is now suing the owner of the franchise.

After a Facebook video showing mice scurrying around the East Boston Dunkin’ shop gained media attention, Dunkin’ staff drove to the location on Tuesday and “required it to close immediately”, after the staff observed the conditions, according to a federal complaint filed by Dunkin’.

The next day, Dunkin’ hand-delivered the owner a notice to close the shop within 24 hours.

The owner, Ralph F. D’Alelio, failed to remove all Dunkin’ branding and close the shop as the company asked him to, leading to the lawsuit, Dunkin’ alleges.

The Maverick Square Dunkin’ Donuts closed on Saturday afternoon and hung a sign apologizing and telling customers to go to another location, according to a Universalhub report.

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