Family Flies From Bangladesh to Be With 21-Year-Old Roxbury Store Clerk as He Fights for Life After Shooting

Tanjim Siam, 23, was shot in the head while working at the M&R store in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood

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The family of a 21-year-old store clerk who was shot during a robbery in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood has traveled from Bangladesh to be by his side.

Tanjim Siam remains on life support at Boston Medical Center after being shot on July 14 while working at the M&R Store. For his family, the pain is debilitating.

Feelings of sadness cut the deepest for his mother, Monowara Moni. Along with fellow loved ones, she flew across the globe to be with her son.

Boston officials are speaking out against an increase in violence after a store clerk was shot in Roxbury.

There has been an endless flow of tears in knowing the idea of life support is losing support as a viable option to keep Siam alive. Family members say doctors told them his condition is very bad and that a decision will need to be made within a few days.

"Mom wants to see him a little more, so she did not decide anything yet," said Abdul Matin, who owns the M&R Store.

Matin worked with Siam for four months.


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"He told me one day, 'I have a plan. When I get everything, I'll start to go to school. But now, I need to help my family,'" Matin recalled.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

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