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Festive Christmas Eve Snowflakes

Light snow showers and flurries taper off Monday evening. This adds to the holiday feel, without disrupting travel.

Light, scattered coatings of accumulation stay on elevated surfaces, or on the grass. Perhaps there will be a brief reduction in visibility on the roads, but no accumulation there. Icy patches develop overnight once temperatures fall below freezing.

Christmas morning, we wake up to chilly temperatures and abundant sunshine as high pressure settles in. High temperatures will reach the mid to upper 30s again.

High pressure centers itself to our south for mid-week. Highs remain in the 30s until our next system brings in a warm-up on Friday.

A warm front lifts north through New England on Friday morning, flipping our wind direction. Precipitation will initially fall as a wintry mix across higher elevations and northern New England, then will change to rain. Gusty south-southwest wind will peak around 40 mph. Temperatures look to warm into the 50s Friday afternoon and night, all while steady rain falls across the northeast. This system does not seem to be as powerful as what we had last Friday, but stay tuned. For now, rainfall totals will stay under 1 inch.

Temperatures will fall as the next weekend begins, with full sun on Saturday. Sunday's highs are back in the 30s with a few late day clouds.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day may bring a pattern change. We allow the cold Canadian air to settle in, and a system passes to our south. We can't get too specific at this time, but we may get some light snowfall. It's something we will definitely keep watch on!

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