Fla. Woman Caught With Handgun at Logan Airport

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

A woman was arrested at Boston Logan International Airport Sunday for trying to bring a handgun on an airplane, according to transportation officials.

The woman, a Florida resident, was stopped when the .22 caliber handgun and four loose bullets were spotted as she passed through an X-ray machine with her belongings at a checkpoint.

According to Transportation Security Administration officials, the officer called Massachusetts State Police who confiscated the gun and questioned the woman before citing her on a state weapons charge.

The incident marked the fifth time this year TSA officials have stopped a person with a firearm at Logan.

According to TSA guidelines, passengers with firearm permits can travel with firearms if they are locked and packed in a hard-side case, unloaded and separated from bullets. Guns and ammunition are allowed only in checked baggage.

Travelers can find details of how to travel with a firearm on TSA's website.

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