WATCH: Rare Footage of Bobcat Stokes Fears of Possible Den

Residents of Plainfield, Massachusetts say they are concerned about the safety of their pets after seeing video of a bobcat in town.

The bobcat was captured on cell phone video in the woods of Plainville, and the man who said he took the video posted the clip on Facebook on Sunday. He declined to be interviewed and would not say where exactly he spotted the animal.

"I just hope that it's not close to other people's homes where there's a danger to children or to animals," Plainville resident Lisa Cornell said. "But it is a part of nature."

Animal control officials say it's not surprising there may be a den in Plainville, as bobcats have been seen in nearby Franklin and Wrentham.

Bobcats typically go after rabbits and rodents. But some residents are worried about their small pets after seeing the video.

"I was a little concerned," said Luke Travis, who is thinking about his pet dog. "She's a small dog. I think she can handle herself, but a bobcat is probably twice her size."

State wildlife officials said it's rare to get such good footage of bobcats.

While they are found in much of Massachusetts, they are not often seen.

Officials said the bobcat in the video looks to be an adult, and it caught what appears to be a chipmunk.

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