Former President Barack Obama Endorses New England Candidates

Among the candidates the former president is supporting are Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez and congressional candidate Ayanna Pressley

Former President Barack Obama has issued his second wave of midterm endorsements to another 260 Democrats — and many of them are to candidates in New England.

In August, Obama endorsed 81 Democrats running for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House, and state legislature.

Among the candidates Obama publically supported on Monday are Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez, who is opposing Republican incumbent Charlie Baker. He also endorsed Massachusetts congressional candidate Ayanna Pressley, who defeated longtime U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano in a stunning primary upset that's garnered national attention.

Other notable backings in New Hampshire include gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly, U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster and congressional hopeful Chris Pappas.

Obama tweeted the list of endorsements saying the candidates deserved the public's votes.

Other endorsements by state are as follows:


  • Ned Lamont (Governor)
  • Susan Bysiewicz (Lt. Governor)
  • Jahana Hayes (U.S. House, CT-05)
  • Christine Cohen (State Senate, District 12)
  • Mary Abrams (State Senate, District 13)
  • James Maroney (State Senate, District 14)
  • Jorge Cabrera (State Senate, District 17)
  • Martha Marx (State Senate, District 20)
  • Julie Kushner (State Senate, District 24)
  • Will Haskell (State Senate, District 26)
  • Jason Doucette (State House, District 13)
  • Christine Palm (State House, District 36)
  • Maria Horn (State House, District 64)
  • John-Michael Parker (State House, District 101)
  • Kara Rochelle (State House, District 104)
  • Matt Blumenthal (State House, District 147)


  • Jared Golden (U.S. House, ME-02)
  • Karen Kusiak (State Senate, District 16)
  • Tom Wright (State Senate, District 34)
  • Tiffany Roberts-Lovell (State House, District 06)
  • Diane Denk (State House, District 09)
  • Kelcy McNamara (State House, District 21)
  • Chris Caiazzo (State House, District 28)
  • Steve Ball (State House, District 80)
  • Jennifer Day (State House, District 86)
  • Chloe Maxmin (State House, District 88)
  • Holly Stover (State House, District 89)
  • Vicki Doudera (State House, District 94)


  • Jay Gonzalez (Governor)
  • Quentin Palfrey (Lt. Governor)
  • Ayanna Pressley (U.S. House, MA-07)
  • Julian Cyr (State Senate, Cape and Islands District)
  • Katie McBrine (State Senate, Plymouth and Norfolk District)
  • Tram Nguyen (State House, 18th Essex District)

New Hampshire

  • Molly Kelly (Governor)
  • Chris Pappas (U.S. House, NH-01)
  • Annie Kuster (U.S. House, NH-02)
  • Bill Bolton (State Senate, District 02)
  • Mason Donovan (State Senate, District 07)
  • Jenn Alford-Teaster (State Senate, District 08)
  • Jeanne Dietsch (State Senate, District 09)
  • Shannon Chandley (State Senate, District 11)
  • Melanie Levesque (State Senate, District 12)
  • Kevin Cavanaugh (State Senate, District 16)
  • Jon Morgan (State Senate, District 23)
  • Tom Sherman (State Senate, District 24)
  • Harrison Kanzler (State House, District Carroll 2)
  • Edie DesMarais (State House, District Carroll 6)
  • Cathleen Fountain (State House, District Coos 7)
  • Susan Ford (State House, District Grafton 3)
  • Erika Connors (State House, District Hillsborough 15)
  • Joshua Query (State House, District Hillsborough 16)
  • Willis Griffith (State House, District Hillsborough 18)
  • Joelle Martin (State House, District Hillsborough 23)
  • Dan Toomey (State House, District Hillsborough 32)
  • Mark Vallone (State House, District Rockingham 9)
  • Gerri Cannon (State House, District Strafford 18)
  • Wendy Chase (State House, District Strafford 18)
  • John Streeter (State House, District Sullivan 8)

Rhode Island

  • Gina Raimondo (Governor)


  • Christine Hallquist (Governor)
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