Giant Tree Falls, Crushes Cars in Boston's South End

No one was injured in the incident on Waltham Street, Boston police said

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A massive tree uprooted Tuesday evening and fell on several parked cars in Boston's South End.

Boston police said they received the call around 5:45 p.m. after the tree fell from its spot on the Waltham Street sidewalk.

No one was injured in the incident, police said. Several cars did however appear to be visibly damaged, including a Jeep and BMW.

"I'm really shocked. It's terrible. There are two cars at least that seem really in bad shape, and I just feel bad," said Southie resident Kathryn O'Neill. "It was totally shocking, I was actually going the other way and I looked down the street, and wow, there's a gigantic tree covering the street. I'm shocked."

"This can be a busy street because people take it to the highway so I guess we're lucky that it didn't happen during commuting hours," O'Neill added, "because it totally could have taken down somebody on the street but it doesn't look like anybody was driving on the road when it happened so that was lucky."

The city's public works department was called in to remove the tree, and the road was closed to traffic while crews worked Tuesday night.

There was no immediate word on what may have caused the incident, including if weather could have played a role.

"It was pretty windy today, not really sure if it was from the wind, or if someone hit it, but luckily no one got hurt," Alex Ives said. "It would suck to be the car owner...Just another day in the neighborhood I guess."

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