Haven't Received Your Mass. Tax Rebate Check Yet? More Are on the Way

The state says $2.5 billion has already been distributed to approximately 2.9 million taxpayers

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If you haven't received your Massachusetts tax refund check yet, you should get it soon. In fact, most of them have already been sent out, the state said this week.

The first checks and direct deposits from $3 billion in excess tax revenue started going out to taxpayers nearly a month ago when the calendar switched to November. But not everyone gets them on the same schedule.

About 3 million people will get one of those refunds thanks to Chapter 62F. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue said Tuesday that about $2.5 billion has already been distributed to approximately 2.9 million taxpayers.

About 1 million refunds totaling approximately $600 million were distributed by direct deposit and 1.9 million totaling $1.9 billion by paper check.

The money is being returned to eligible taxpayers by the state Department of Revenue in proportion to their personal income tax liability in Massachusetts incurred in the immediately preceding taxable year -- Tax Year 2021. The administration said eligible taxpayers will receive a credit in the form of a refund that is approximately 14% of their Massachusetts Tax Year 2021 personal income tax liability.

As an example, a person who made $50,000 last year and paid the state back $2,500, could get about $350 back.

The Baker administration set up a website,, where you can get a preliminary estimate of your refund.

Credits are subject to offsets, state officials said, including for unpaid tax liability, unpaid child support and certain other debts.

The state is giving people up to about 14% back of what they owed in state personal income tax last year, which will be given either by direct deposit or a check sent in the mail.

What if I haven't received my Massachusetts tax refund yet?

If you haven't received your refund check yet, here's what you need to know.

Individuals eligible for a refund will receive it automatically as a check sent through the mail or by direct deposit. All refunds will be issued by mid-December and are being distributed over several weeks, according to the state. So not everyone should have received theirs yet and those who haven't received theirs should not be concerned.

Direct deposits will be labeled "MASTTAXRFD," and refunds mailed as checks will include several sentences on the check explaining Chapter 62F and why the recipient is receiving the refund.

Anyone who believes they are eligible who has not received their refund by Dec. 15 should contact the Chapter 62F call center at 877-677-9727. It is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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