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Much Warmer Sunday Will Feature Showers, Thunderstorms

Fitting for the Royal wedding, it was cloudy, cool and showery in New England on Saturday – meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, it was sunny and mild!

Our weather will do a 180 for Sunday. Although we aren’t expecting a ton of sun, it will be much warmer.

Temperatures on Sunday will be near 80 degrees. Humidity will be high and that will lead to showers and thunderstorms during the day. The possibility for rain will persist through the day. Don’t cancel your outdoor plans, but get ready to have a plan B.

Monday will be sunny, dry and warm. Temperatures will climb well into the 70s. Although, a shower is possible on Tuesday, it will be dry and nice much of the time. Thursday and Friday will also be nice. As we end the week, temperatures will reach the 70s with sunshine.

Memorial Day weekend looks a little unsettled. Temperatures will remain mild, but showers will be possible. At this point, the greatest possibility of showers will come on Sunday. The bookends of the holiday weekend should be mainly dry and nice.

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