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How a Local Company Pivoted During The Pandemic To Make People Smile

What happens when you launch your dream business just months before a global pandemic? Well, the founders of Rafi Nova would tell you to pivot.

Marissa and Adam Goldstein launched Needham-based Rafi Nova in February 2020 with ethically sourced products – bags, pouches, fanny packs – to encourage people to get out and explore.

Then, travel was halted and business took a hit when the pandemic hit in March. 

It wasn’t until one of their four-year-old daughters suggested making masks that the husband-and-wife dreamed up what would become a fruitful pivot.

Now, the team has created more than 2 million masks and donated over 50,000 to people across the country. 

Each month the team has been donating a percentage of portions to a variety of charities.

In August, they partnered with deaf actor Millie Simmonds to launch their smile mask.

These masks offer a clear cut-out so people can read lips and facial expressions.

  Millie chose to donate a portion of proceeds from her mask to Deaf Women of Color.

For more information about Rafi Nova and to purchase masks visit rafinova.com.  


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