Mass. Fishermen Capture Humpback Whale on Video Breaching Next to Boat Near Hampton Beach

Fisherman Zack Fahey said his boat was so close to the whale because they were after the same fish

What started as a routine fishing trip turned into a whale watch of a lifetime for a Wilmington, Massachusetts man and his friends.

They were out fishing near Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, on Friday when they began following the sound of a whale’s blowhole. Boat owner Zack Fahey said that is when he knew to put down the fishing rods and pick up his phone.

Within minutes, Fahey captured incredible video of a humpback whale breaching right next to his 20-foot boat.

“The head that came out of the water was as big as my boat,” Fahey said.

The 28-year-old who owns Burlington Motors is still reeling over the fact that he was capturing the whole thing.

“At the time, I was just excited because I got it on camera and then after the fact thinking about it, and if he was a few feet to the left, he might have hit my boat,” Fahey said.

Fahey said the boat was so close because they were after the same fish the whale was. They did not end up catching anything that day other than the incredible sight that Fahey and his friends will not soon forget.

“I got more than I was expecting,” Fahey said. “I think his fit even hit the side of my boat like a high-five.”

Fahey plans to go back out to Hampton Beach this weekend to look for more whales and he said he will have his camera ready.

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