WATCH: The Many Reactions Kids Have to Meeting Santa Claus

Every parent knows that bringing their child to meet Santa can produce either an adorable or hilarious photo.

NBC Boston joined two Santa Clauses on the job to see how different children react to Jolly Old Saint Nick. Some of the children could not contain their excitement, while some of the younger ones didn't know what to make of the Christmas legend.

Good thing these Santas know just what to do when a child is a little nervous, or scared, to meet them for a photo opportunity.

The Many Faces of Meeting Santa

We spent some time with one of these fine Santas last year to learn how he gets in the Christmas spirit, and how he makes that beard look so good. Let's just say that being Santa Claus is a full-time job.

<p>Josh Gordon took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message congratulating the Patriots on reaching Super Bowl LIII.</p>
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