Toddler Falls Out of Fourth Floor Window in Latest in Series of Incidents

In what’s become a surprising trend, another child has fallen out of a window in the Boston area. The latest incident happened Saturday evening at an apartment building in Quincy.

A two-year-old girl plunged from the fourth floor onto the ground below.

“We are going through a tough phase,” said the child’s father Fayaz Mahammad. “We had a tough time the past 2 days.”

The window was open because the family was cooking, but there was a screen in place.

The toddler’s father says the child landed on the mulch, and she had no visible injuries. “She was ok at that point in time,” said Mahammad. “We have not seen any injuries.”

The little girl was brought back to the apartment, but a while later she started to vomit, and that’s when the family called 911.

 “She’s going good,” said Mahammad. “They’ve done a couple of tests, we have to consult again the doctor. The little girl was released from the hospital Monday night.

This is at least the 5th child to fall out of a window in the Boston area in recent weeks. One child died.

The Boston Public Health Commission strongly suggests window guards, which can withstand 150 pounds of pressure, for windows that are 12 feet off the ground and in homes where children aged 7 and under are present.

The guards are typically made of aluminum and difficult for children to remove. Screens can only do so much.

“Window screens they’re there to prevent flies from coming in but they do not prevent children falling off of windows,” said Eugene Barros of the Boston Public Health Commission.

Barros says Boston residents can get a discount on window guards through Boston Building Resources at 617-442-2262.

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