Man Arrested for Alleged Violent Spree in Dorchester That Included Kidnapping Child: Boston Police

A family member tells NBC10 Boston the man suffers from mental health issues.

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Boston police have arrested the man they say went on a violent spree Saturday in the city's Dorchester neighborhood that included even allegedly kidnapping a child. 

It all started before noon on Robinson Street, when Boston police say the man tried to push his way into through the glass front door of an unknown home.

Police say the suspect then “kicked in” a car mirror on another victim’s car and assaulted that man repeatedly.

The suspect then fled to Homes Avenue where he vandalized more cars and picked up a toddler and began running down the street with the child, Boston police say.

Investigators say the man turned into a fenced-in yard and then held the gate shut, preventing officers from getting to the child. 

Officers were eventually able to grab hold of the suspect and arrest him. 

The toddler was not hurt.


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The suspect, who police have not named, also allegedly assaulted an officer at booking. 

He’s facing a number of charges including kidnapping and was taken to Bridgewater State Hospital.

A family member tells NBC10 Boston the man suffers from mental health issues. 

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