Man Facing Charges for Allegedly Exposing Himself to Young Girls in Northboro

A group of parents are being credited with helping nab a man accused of exposing himself to young girls in Northboro, Massachusetts.

Police said officers responded to Teamworks, an indoor sports facility on Saturday evening, where some parents had cornered 37-year-old George Fournier and would not let him leave.

Carlos Tumer said he and his daughter were about to leave at about 7 p.m., when three 11-year-old girls came to them for help.

"They just came up to me and said, 'hey you know this guy at the bathroom is showing his thing, showing his thing.' I was kind of like shocked," recalled Tumer.

The girls had been at the sports complex to play their last soccer game of the season when Fournier exposed himself.

"He was exposing himself over his pants, and was wearing a Boston Bruins jersey. He just lifted his jersey while walking into the bathroom the first time and when he came out of the bathroom, he repeated the same process," said Northboro Police Chief Bill Lyver.

The girls quickly pointed Fournier out and Tumer and several other parents cornered him and called police.

"One of the fathers just approached him and the other parents just came up and when he tried to leave, they just stood in his path until officers arrived," said Lyver.

Fournier was taken into custody and has been charged with two counts of open and gross lewdness. He has denied the allegations.

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