New Hampshire

NH Police Taser Sword-Wielding Man After Noise Complaint

Christopher Martin was arrested at a Manchester apartment after police say he would not drop the sword he was holding

A New Hampshire man is facing a number of charges after police say they had to subdue him with a Taser after he came to the door wielding a small sword during a noise complaint early Wednesday morning.

Christopher Martin was arrested at a Dubuque Street apartment and charged with criminal threatening, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Authorities said officers had responded to the apartment just before 3 a.m. for a noise complaint. When officers approached the door, they could hear loud music and someone "stomping around."

When officers knocked and identified themselves, police said Martin eventually opened the door holding a small sword still in a wooden sheath.

Authorities said Martin began to act aggressively and swear at officers. He was asked to drop the sword but would not comply and allegedly "took a bladed stance with both hands on the sword."

Police said when Martin became combative and got into a physical struggle with one officer, another officer deployed his Taser in order to subdue him. When it didn't work, the officer tased him again until Martin fell to the floor.

Police said Martin still tried to resist arrest while on the floor but was eventually taken into custody.

Martin is expected to be arraigned on the charges July 11 in Hillsborough Superior Court North. It's unclear if he has an attorney.

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