New Hampshire

Police: 2-Year-Old Dies at NH Hospital

A 2-year-old died Friday after being taken to a hospital from a home in Manchester New Hampshire.

Manchester Police learned Friday that the child had been taken to an area hospital in distress. Later in the day, the child passed away.

Officers investigated the child's home on Hevey Street, but police provided little information about the incident.

Neighbors say there was nothing out of the norm Friday, but they often saw a little boy outside the house. One says the child was out playing on a swing Thursday night.

"He was cute, a doll," another neighbor said. "It looked like they took care of him. But we don't know what went on inside."

Neighbors add that there was often a lot of activity at the home.

"You see people come in," said Pam Leavitt. "Five minutes later, the're gone. Constantly."

Police say they are investigating the cause of the child's death. The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office said Friday it was not involved in the case.

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