Marlborough, Mass. Police Free Hawk, Take Jab at Neighboring Hudson

Police in Marlborough, Massachusetts freed a hawk that got trapped in a net on a high school field — then used the occasion to send a humorous warning to athletic rivals in neighboring town.

Marlborough police said the bird got tangled in the net Wednesday. A video posted by the department on Facebook shows officers removing the hawk from a batting cage net before it eventually flies away. 

In the post, Marlborough police took a friendly jab at the town of Hudson, whose high school football team is called the Hawks. 

"Sorry Hudson, we won’t be so nice to the Hawks on Thanksgiving!" the post read.

The Marlborough High School Panthers face off against Hudson on Thanksgiving, according to the Marlborough high school athletics website.

Last year, the two teams played their 115th Thanksgiving Day game, according to the MetroWest Daily News.

Rivalry aside, the police department thanked Lt. Bryant and Animal Control for safely releasing the bird.

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