Judge's Daughter at Center of Massachusetts State Police Controversy Pleads Guilty to Charges

A Massachusetts judge's daughter at the center of allegations that have rocked the ranks of state police, leading to the retirements of its top brass, faced a different judge Friday morning.

Alli Bibaud pleaded guilty to several charges, including drunk driving, in a Framingham court. She didn't speak to reporters as she left the courtroom.

However, her attorney tells NBC Boston she did not ask anyone for leniency during her October arrest, and did not believe her father, Worcester County District Judge Tim Bibaud, asked anyone to redact embarrassing statements she allegedly made while she was in police custody.

The trooper who arrested her, Ryan Sceviour, wrote in his initial report that Alli Bibaud offered sexual favors for leniency and told him her father was a judge. She also allegedly made other comments about drugs.

Sceviour, who has since filed a lawsuit, says he was then ordered to delete those remarks in his report.

"One was 'my dad is a [expletive] judge,' and the other was that she indicated during the booking process she was suggesting the possibility of sexual favors in return for leniency," Sceviour's attorney, Leonard Keston, told NBC Boston earlier this month.

Fellow Massachusetts State Police Trooper Ali Rei said she plans to file a similar lawsuit accusing commanders of forcing her to alter a police report.

State Police Col. Richard McKeon formally retired this week, claiming he ordered the trooper to delete Bibaud's comments, calling them unnecessary to the case. His second-in-command, Deputy Superintendent Francis Hughes, also announced his retirement.

"I don't know of any reason why those statements would be in a police report today," Bibaud's attorney Michael Wilcox said, adding they were "not germane to the charges she was facing."

The new state police boss, Col. Kerry Gilpin, a 24-year veteran of the agency, has said her office will look into revisions made to the arrest report and whether more training or guidance is needed on how reports should be written and reviewed.

Bibaud is also facing an OUI drug charge, and will be back in court to face following the results of a drug test. It's unclear when that court date will take place.

She is heading to a facility for treatment.

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