Four Suspects in Custody After Methuen Incident

Three suspects were immediately taken into custody but one fled before later turning himself in

A home invasion suspect who was on the run has turned himself into police in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Police say the home invasion happened Saturday afternoon on Howe Street by Adams Avenue. Three suspects were immediately taken into custody by fast responding officers but one suspect fled.

The State Police Air Wing and a K9 were unable to find the fourth suspect in the area of Howe and Washington streets, but the suspect later turned himself in at the police station.

The four suspects have not been identified but police say they are all teenagers.

Methuen police say a 12-year-old and 17-year-old were outside of the Howe Street home when they saw the group of four teens making its way toward their house. The two kids ran inside and closed the door. The group pushed the door open, entered the house.

Methuen police Sunday corrected earlier information given to the press. Police said there were two men attacked at the house, including an elderly/disabled man. The man is a 72-year-old disabled veteran on oxygen.

Police said they incorrectly reported a woman at the residence was attacked, but that wasn't the case. The woman actually reported the incident.

Police, who reported the incident as a home invasion, say the motive is unclear. Police added they do not believe there is a public safety threat.

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