New Hampshire

New Hampshire Braces for Hurricane Henri Impact

Hurricane Henri is expected make landfall in southern New England tomorrow and weaken to a Tropical Storm before reaching New Hampshire


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu urged residents to prepare for the effects of heavy rain and winds likely to hit the state as Hurricane Henri makes its way through the region.

Hurricane Henri is expected make landfall in southern New England on Sunday and weaken to a Tropical Storm before reaching New Hampshire. The heavy rainfall and winds will bring the potential for flash floods and power outages to the state.

Southern New Hampshire could see wind gusts up to 35 mph with the possibility for higher winds in the Monadnock region, according to the state's Department of Safety.

“We are taking this storm seriously and you should, too,” state Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Jennifer Harper said in a public statement. “People need to monitor changing local weather conditions and know what to do if an emergency occurs."

Sununu tweeted a list of preparedness strategies for area residents.

The Department of Public Safety also offered the following suggestions:

  • Continue to monitor storm updates from the National Weather Service and local radio and television stations. 
  • Prepare your home: make sure rain gutters are clear, secure loose outdoor items, move vehicles to a safe location, trim trees that may fall and cause damage, and prepare your generator in case you lose power. 
  • Never use generators inside homes, garages, sheds or crawlspaces. Set up your generator at least 10 feet away from your home with the exhaust facing away. 
  • Hikers and campers should seek shelter indoors and heed instructions from local officials.
  • Rip currents can be stronger both before and after a storm. Avoid beach activities until weather conditions improve.
  • Only call 9-1-1 to report emergencies. 
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