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NH Takes Notice as Kamala Harris Gains Ground

There has been a lot of activity from Kamala Harris' New Hampshire campaign office.

The campaign was already well up and running, but it has ramped up since last week's Democratic debate.

"We're seeing a ton of enthusiasm from people here in New Hampshire on the ground," said Nate Evans, Harris' New Hampshire communications director.

Harris' solid performance is reflected in the latest polls, which show her moving up several notches, effectively tying with front-runner Joe Biden. A new Iowa poll has her tied for first with Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

David Burnett of Concord says he liked "the fact that she went in on Biden a little bit, but I think it needed to be done."

Burnett was impressed when Harris challenged Biden on his position on busing in the 1970s.

Supporters say the lesser-known Harris also benefited from the exposure to 18 million TV viewers.

"Clearly, they liked what they saw," Evans said.

Harris' ability to project both toughness and warmth, historically a difficult challenge for female candidates, has led some to look differently at her candidacy.

"Voters here in the Granite State think Sen. Harris can beat Donald Trump in the election," Evans sad.

"She just stood better," said Julie Burnett of Concord. "She looked like a better representative for our country and for the generations coming up."

But Tricia Manning, leaning toward Biden, still needs to be convinced.

"She possibly could win," Manning said. "But she's got some proving to do."

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