‘Not a Witch Hunt': Local Lawmakers React to Manafort, Cohen News

Members of New England's mostly Democratic congressional delegation took to social media to share their thoughts Tuesday about the conviction of Paul Manafort and the guilty plea by Michael Cohen.

"Paul Manafort – found guilty. Michael Cohen – pleads guilty, implicates Donald Trump. Donald Trump has nominated a Supreme Court justice who believes he can’t be indicted," Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said on Twitter. "Not a coincidence. Not a witch hunt."

"Most productive witch hunt in history," added U.S. Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut. "The level of criminal activity around, and if Cohen is right, BY @realDonaldTrump should have every American, regardless of party, thinking about how we rebuild the standing and respect due the American presidency."

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D., Mass., made sure to tie Manafort to President Trump when she tweeted shortly after the verdict was announced.

"Paul Manafort lied about lobbying for a foreign government and got rich. And it's shocking that @realDonaldTrump's campaign mgr has been convicted of criminal tax fraud," she tweeted.

"This is all getting really, really serious," Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said. "It isn't about politics or point scoring. It's about the future of the American presidency. Protecting this institution is more important than protecting your political party."

"DefCon 4 for WH adult day care team: verdict in #Manafort case and surrender/plea from Cohen, all on same day. Buckle up, everybody," added Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

"A legal and political bombshell," Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said. "The Michael Cohen plea agreement names a 'candidate for federal office' who directed him to violate campaign finance law. There is no other reading: President Trump is an unindicted criminal co-conspirator."

Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said Manafort's guilty verdict "is yet more evidence of the culture of corruption around President Trump's campaign and administration."

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