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Showers Fade, Sun to Return

Serious storm last night with howling winds, thrashing waves, and relentless rain. Speaking of, some spots picked up 3 inches on Cape Cod! Elsewhere, it was generally 2" of water as downpours mixed with heavy sleet away from the coast. If you thought some spots were slick early this morning, try driving in it during the height of the storm (like yours truly). One of the nastiest rides in many years.

In any event, we're turning the page to sunshine and drier weather. After a few renegade showers tomorrow morning, the brighter weather returns along with highs in the mid-40s.

Fun doesn't stop there. Highs climb near 50 on Thursday as the winds turn more southwest. There may be a few showers passing by as a weather system brings in a couple of fronts, but this isn't a washed out day. Moisture is limited with this system and seems to favor SE Mass for the wet weather.

Slow downward trend to the temperatures into the weekend and early next week. It's an odd setup as the cold is piled high in the upper atmosphere. Often that translates to cold down at the surface too, but we have a rare exception. Without a high pressure system to focus it, highs only fall into the mid and upper 30s.

For now, storms stay out of the picture.

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