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Patriots Return to Field as Trump Cancels Eagles' White House Visit

On a day meant to celebrate a Super Bowl win at the White House, the Philadelphia Eagles are instead in the president's doghouse.

"The Eagles ... I think are gettin' the shaft," said Scott Grane, a Patriots fan.

President Tump disinvited the Eagles over the national anthem dispute, saying "only a small number of players" agreed to visit.

Reportedly, fewer than 10 Eagles were going to be in attendance.

Instead, the president held a "Celebration of America" event on the South Lawn.

"[Trump] is meaningless to this city and the city's success," said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

The Eagles held a workout Tuesday, as did their Super Bowl LII foes.

"We're focused on what we're doing," said Patriots head coach Bill Belichick when asked about the Eagles situation. "We want to try and have a good day."

His players, however, elaborated more on the Eagles' White House snub.

"We're not surprised, are we?" asked Patriot's safety Devin McCourty.

Defensive End Trey Flowers said the back and forth between the White House and the NFL has become the "world we live in."

"It is what it is," said Flowers. "I can come out here and get away from it all in between the lines."

The president's decision comes two weeks after the NFL announced its new policy on anthem kneeling. Players may remain in the locker room during the national anthem, but teams will be fined if players are on the field and do not stand.

"We're going to have to go ahead and abide by them," running back James White said. "We're all NFL players and they made the rules, so we have to abide by them."

The NFL Players Association said they are "disappointed" by the White House's decision adding their players strive to make America a "better place."

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