Plaistow, NH Residents: ‘The Town's Infested With Rats'

Hundreds of rats are crawling around a neighborhood in Plaistow, New Hampshire, an issue that residents blame on nearby construction projects.

"We're pulling 10 to 12 rats out of houses," said Adam Carace, an exterminator. "That sometimes pushes them [residents] right over the edge."

He showed NBC10 Boston cell phone video that shows rats running around someone's living room and upstairs hallway.

"The town's infested with rats," said Chad Kittredge. "It's just getting worse now because the population's growing."

There are several construction projects underway in the area, including one that will widen Route 125 and another one that will improve the sidewalks on Main Street.

Carace said that while the construction projects don't help the rat problem, they're not the sole reason the rodents wander the neighborhood.

"Watch the bird feeders, the chicken coops," he said.

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