Police Break Silence on FBI Dig in Randolph Yard, Offering Some Answers, But Not Many

The dig was part of a missing persons case, Randolph's police chief said, but human remains were not found

FBI agents searching a backyard in Randolph, Massachusetts
NBC10 Boston

Police in Randolph, Massachusetts, issued a statement Tuesday on a mysterious two-day FBI dig in the town earlier this month, but didn't say what they'd been looking for.

It also remains unclear whether any clues were found, and the investigation is still ongoing, police Chief Anthony Marag said in a statement.

He did reveal that the dig was part of a missing persons case, and said, "No human or skeletal remains were found on the property" that was searched on Mitchell Street in the first week of October.

Marag also said that the people who own and live at the residence gave permission for the search to take place, and that they didn't live at the home "at the time this case originated and have no involvement in the investigation."

No other information was offered Tuesday.

An FBI team continued digging in the backyard of a home in Randolph for a second day Thursday, with neighbors continuing to wonder what they were looking for.

FBI investigators spent two days digging up the home's backyard providing little information to the media and neighbors during the search.

The FBI didn't say what they're looking for, only that the search was for "specific evidence" and there is no threat to public safety, but a neighbor said a police officer on the scene told her that they were digging for evidence in a 2005 missing persons case.

Records show the property was bought by the current owner in 2014, but it's had multiple owners dating back to 1994.

"It's very weird. Even my church was calling me, asking what's going on on Mitchell street? And I said it's very unnerving that they may have a body, we don't know yet," neighbor Pauline Brown said.

The FBI is searching for specific evidence on Mitchell Street, but who or what their investigation centers around is still unclear.

The digging wrapped up on the second day with few answers given.

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