Police: Man Attacked Officer With Cell Phone After Break-In

The suspect jumped from a second story window and attacked an officer with a cell phone

Worcester police arrested a man who they say was caught breaking into a home and fighting them while trying to escape Thursday evening.

Police responded to 33 Oberline Street in Worcester, Massachusetts after receiving a report of a break-in inside a vacant apartment.

Officers heard running on the second floor and surrounded the building. A man later identified as Kyle St. Martin, 29, of 28 Shelby Street, Worcester, broke a window, jumped and ran towards one of the officers.

A struggle ensued and police say the suspect struck the officer several times in the head with a cell phone. He continued to resist arrest while punching and kicking the officers that came to assist.

Police searched the apartment and found Crystal Charpentier, 26, of Grafton, Massachusetts hiding in a closet. Charpentier was arrested after police discovered she had an outstanding warrant and found a small bag that possibly contained cocaine in her purse.

Martin was charged with breaking and entering nighttime for a felony, trespass, assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (cell phone), defacement of property and resisting arrest.

Charpentier was charged with breaking and entering nighttime for a felony, trespass and possession of a class B substance.

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