‘Really Cool': Westford Residents Spot Bobcats

There have been a bunch of bobcat sightings in Westford, Massachusetts, in recent days.

The animals were spotted on Boston Road, Patten Lane and Vineyard Road.

"I just thought it was really cool," said Miray Azer, whose family saw three on their security cameras on Saturday, and then another one on Sunday.

According to state wildlife officials, bobcats are common in central and western Massachusetts, but they can be found in the northeast and southeast areas of the state, as well.

They often prey on medium-sized animals like rabbits and rodents, and they are typically most active at dawn and dusk.

Bobcats tend to be elusive, but they are adapting to suburban settings and can be seen in backyards and residential areas. They rarely interfere with human activities.

"We don't want to upset it," said Bill Azer. "We want it to live on its own inside its ecosystem."

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