Boston Police Department

BPD Overwhelmingly Stops Black People, Report Finds

Black people accounted for nearly 70% of the Boston Police Department's stops over the last three years

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The Boston Police Department is facing backlash after a new internal report showed they overwhelmingly single out Black people for street investigations.

According to the Boston Globe, the report founds that Black people, who make up about a fourth of the city's population, accounted for nearly 70% of the department's stops over the last three years.

The report looked at data on Field Interrogations and Observations, commonly known as "stop and frisk."

What began as protests against police brutality have broadened in purpose, now calling out widespread systemic racism.

The percentage has remained high despite the number of reported stops, searches and observations decreasing from about 55,000 a year in 2008 to about 14,000 in 2019.

The release of the data comes as Mayor Marty Walsh announced a change in BPD funding to focus more on community-focused programs amid a nationwide call for racial equity and an end to police brutality.

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