Video Evidence Could Harm Robert Kraft in Prostitution Case: Attorneys

Attorneys for Kraft say video footage could 'destroy' him

What to Know

  • Robert Kraft's attorneys say video evidence that allegedly captured Kraft engaging in illicit sex acts could "destroy" fair trial chance.
  • Prosecutors in Florida announced two misdemeanor counts of prostitution solicitation against Kraft in February.
  • Police say Kraft visited the Orchids of Asia Day Spa to engage in illicit sex acts twice, including once hours before the AFC Championship.

Lawyers for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft have asserted that video evidence capturing him paying for sex at Florida spa could "destroy" his chances at a fair trial.

Kraft's legal team made the assertions in a legal filing released in Palm Beach County, Florida, where the 77-year-old Brookline, Massachusetts, resident is currently facing two misdemeanor counts of soliciting another for prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

"It should be common ground that disclosure of the videos would compromise the privacy interests of the individuals captured on tape in ways that transcend the misdemeanor prosecution at hand," his attorneys wrote in the motion, arguing that if the videos of the alleged illict acts were to be released, it would "destroy any prospect" of Kraft getting a fair trial.

Prosecutors say investigators caught Kraft engaging with an illicit sex act with alleged prostitutes on video at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa on two separate occasions, including once hours before this year's AFC Championship Game.

Kraft has denied engaging in criminal activity and has requested, in a separate motion, that the footage and related evidence be sealed pending further order of the court. His attorneys have also previously argued that the hidden cameras violated constitutional privacy protections.

The separate motion has been opposed by several news media outlets and would bar prosecutors from the showing the video footage to jurors at trial if successful.

A hearing on the motion is slated for this coming Friday.

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