Scattered Showers and Downpours Move Into Area

Incremental improvement has begun in our New England weather. Yesterday’s rain has become today’s scattered showers and thunder after limited morning sun and will transition to just a scattered sprinkle or light shower by Wednesday.

This afternoon’s showers come in response to a weak storm center diving southeast across New England, carrying a pool of cool air aloft that not only will produce healthy, puffy clouds that will fill the sky and drop multiple rounds of showers during the afternoon, but the cold sky will also lend itself to some ice in the cloud tops, and this means lightning is a possibility in stronger downpours, as well as small hailstones.

Although showers and downpours will be recurring, they will also remain scattered enough that no one area sees day-long rain like was seen Monday. Showers end during mid-evening but the new moisture on the ground will create pockets of fog overnight with clouds and fog breaking up Wednesday morning before new puffy clouds develop again, producing a sprinkle from time to time.

Thursday and Friday bring a marked warming trend into the 70s and even lower 80s by Friday, with the chance of some North Country scattered showers but nice days for most of New England.

Although a weak disturbance may bring some showers over the weekend — looking most likely Saturday evening through Sunday morning but still to be determined on exact timing — the weekend, overall, looks good (milder Saturday than Sunday).

If you’re looking for bona fide 80s, look no farther than our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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