Search for Suspect Continues After Stray Bullet Nearly Hits Dunkin' Customer

A stray bullet crashed through a window where a customer was sipping coffee and working on his laptop, Dunkin' employees said, but he was not hit

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The search continues for a suspect involved in a shooting that sent a stray bullet through a glass window of a nearby Dunkin' and narrowly missed a customer in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Police were called for the shooting around 2 p.m. Tuesday in a McDonald's parking lot on the Revere Beach Parkway, near the area of Washington Avenue and Sagamore Avenue, Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said.

They found an abandoned black Volkwagen, still running, that had been damaged by bullets when they arrived on scene. Police believe the people in the Volkswagen exchanged gunfire with people in what authorities believe to be a white ZipCar.

Workers at the Dunkin' that was hit showed the damage to the window. They said a bullet came through a window where a customer was sitting and working on his laptop, but he was not hit.

“We were scared. Thank God he's alive," Amita Paul said.

Two men in the Volkswagen took off running, police said. The white car also left the area on Sagamore Avenue. Police believe the two groups involved in the shooting know each other.

Investigators are now looking for a known person of interest in the shooting, Kyes said. The Volkswagen was seized and searched for evidence.

Dunkin' employee Amita Paul said she was not there when the shooting happened and learned of it when she was headed to work. She said all the workers are concerned but are glad things weren't worse. Police said no one was injured Tuesday.

Dunkin' employees say an innocent bystander was sitting inside the store drinking his coffee when a stray bullet came flying through the window behind him, just narrowly missing him.

"Right now it’s scary too everybody’s scared who works here," she told NBC10 Boston.

"It's just bizarre. All we have now is people shooting at each other. It's like the wild wild west all over again," said Anthony Carbone, who adds that he comes to this Dunkin' every morning for a cup of coffee.

"I sit in the other corner, right in the middle, so I would've been close to it but this is my second cup today so I wasn't sitting down," he added.

Despite the close call at his go-to coffee shop, Carbone said it won't keep him from sitting by the window ever again.

"No I'll be here tomorrow morning," Carbone said. "It's just crazy times."

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